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05 Mar


African Programs Staff Positions Open !

March 5, 2011 | By |

Could This Exciting Opportunity Be Calling You ?

From Erin Flinton ~

Dear Members,

I am very excited to announce that EWB is yet again recruiting exceptional leaders to join our African Programs Staff (APS). Departure for the following positions begins in July 2011, but the positions are also available for November 2011:

In Agriculture

Team Position Location
 Agriculture Value Chains Market Development Field Officer Ghana, Zambia and potentially Tanzania
Market Development Project Manager Ghana, Zambia and potentially Tanzania
Business Development Services Business Growth Specialist Potentially Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia
Ministry of Food and Agriculture Agriculture Extension Research and Capacity Development Officer Ghana
Entrepreneuriat Rural Agricole (Français) Agriculture Capacity Building Officer Burkina Faso

In Water and Sanitation

Team Position Location
Water and Sanitation District Capacity Development and Decentralization Policy Analyst Malawi


In Governance and Rural Infrastructure

Team Position Location
Governance and Rural Infrastructure District Capacity Development and Decentralization Policy Analyst Ghana


For detailed information about the responsibilities and requirements specific to each available position, please see the attached documents. Also see for brief descriptions of the open roles.

An elite placement with EWB offers new graduates and professionals of any educational background the chance to use their skills to help change the way development is done – as an individual and as a part of a movement committed to sustainable solutions to poverty. These volunteer positions provide APS with incredible opportunities for professional growth as a social change leader, all while creating lasting impact in rural Africa. Being an APS means working with purpose, collaborating with African partners, and having a life-changing experience.

EWB’s African Programs Staff are humble entrepreneurs that become powerful change agents working as part of a larger movement for Africa.

Creating Change in Agriculture

In Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia (Tanzania and Kenya added this year), EWB is investing in the agriculture sector – the main employer and export earner in most developing countries – as a way to unlock African prosperity. Historically, Western aid has focused on dispersing subsidized fertilizer, hybrid seeds, and machines, or purchasing products from farmers as a functioning private sector would. Regrettably, these efforts simply distort markets and prevent private sector growth. EWB is addressing the underlying issues by working on two problems – helping farmers access markets and market development. To help farmers access markets we are working with Ministries of Food and Agriculture and existing farmers’ unions to provide support and information access to rural farmers. To develop markets, we work with progressive non-government organizations that are fostering private sector growth and directly with the small and medium sized businesses to help them grow and increase the number of small-scale farmers they support.  In addition to working with government, non-government and the private sector on the ground we are partnering with donors, becoming part of the donor chain to more easily share field realities and drive change at scale.

Driving Results in Water and Sanitation

EWB believes that the persistent water and sanitation challenges in Malawi, and in much of the rest of the developing world, are due to inefficient investment rather than lack of investment. EWB realizes that while drilling wells is an important part of the solution, it will never be long-term without a systemic approach. EWB focuses on changing the system to support these outputs. Beyond EWB’s creation of a simple water-point mapping and monitoring system to address this issue, the Water and Sanitation Team is also working with the government and communities to create functioning business models for water delivery, then sharing their findings within the sector and with the national government, influencing change.

Having Impact in Governance and Rural Infrastructure

In Ghana, public services, such as clean water from wells and hand pumps, reliable roads for food transport, and schools for youth, are hard to come by or have limited access. EWB is testing new approaches to evidence-based planning and developing strong decision-makers to address the root causes of this widespread infrastructure failure in Ghana. EWB volunteers are working in conjunction with local government partners to identify relevant data for decision making, to develop centralized data systems, and to analyze trends to get a better picture of where infrastructure is needed most. Rural districts can now, therefore, prioritize clean water, education, transportation, and healthcare work based on tangible data. Furthermore, EWB volunteers are testing new approaches to involve communities in planning decisions in order to better hold leaders accountable; they have also developed a mentorship program matching experienced planners with district level staff to expand the quality of planning capability at the district level.

All of EWB’s work is designed to help our local partner organizations do what they do better. Our APS add value to partners in a variety of ways including executing on project specific work, building management capacity, improving learning and accountability systems, increasing skills of field staff and creating stronger connections between different stakeholders.

Become a part of this important work by applying for one of the unique new APS positions available in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania or Zambia.

To apply, go to are due on April 8th, 2011. All positions require a minimum commitment of one year.

All costs for training, travel, and living are provided by EWB. We understand that many recent graduates may be struggling under the burden of student loans. We encourage these individuals to contact us before they have applied so that alternative means can be explored.

For more information on EWB projects in Africa and what characteristics EWB is looking for, please see

Send any questions you have to Sarah Grant at 

25 Nov


EWB Perspectives Challenge

November 25, 2010 | By |

What’s Your Perspective ?  Join In !

“What does poverty reduction look like? How should it be done?
What’s an engineers role? You likely have a perspective. So do the
people creating pages on this site. They want to challenge yours,
by sharing theirs. They believe in Engineers Without Borders’ (EWB)
systemic approach to addressing the root causes of poverty.
Intrigued? Read their perspectives. And, if you suddenly
see things a little differently, make a donation to EWB.”

There sure are some inspiring profiles on the EWB Perspectives website !

For starters, do drop by the Perspectives pages of our Grand River Team ~

         NaomiDane and  Alyssa.

31 May


Support Grand River EWBers making a difference!

May 31, 2010 | By |

In West and Southern Africa, Engineers Without Borders is improving access to clean water and critical infrastructure, increasing farmers’ yields, and supporting business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. We invite you to participate in this exciting change, by connecting with and supporting the work of EWB Grand River volunteers in Africa.

More Grand River Members in Africa

As of Fall 2010, EWB-Grand River will have a record-breaking five members working as part of EWB-Canada’s African Programs teams in Sub-Saharan Africa. Don McMurtry and Mark Soares will be participating in the Professional Junior Fellowship Program, using a four month volunteer commitment to actively contribute their unique skill sets to our partner organizations in Africa, as well as  the Grand River Community and Work Places upon their return in December 2010.  Erin Antcliffe, Ben Best and Alyssa Lindsay will all be working as African Program Staff, having made long term (one or more year) commitments to their African volunteer positions.

More Opportunities to Connect and Contribute

EWB-Grand River’s increased volunteer support provides unique opportunities to connect with rural development efforts and better understand the challenges being faced by those living in poverty, for our membership and the Grand River community at large.   It also means that your support is needed more than ever before as our volunteers develop and carry out these exciting programs.

In addition to ongoing support of our African Partner Program, EWB-Grand River has set a fundraising goal of $3000 by August 2010 to meet our Professional Junior Fellowship fundraising targets.

We ask that you consider making an investment in the work of your Grand River colleagues, and  donate to support their work in building African capacity.  All contributions are welcome whether it’s $20, $50, or $500.

You can donate conveniently and securely through our Donation Page.

More Impact and Positive Change

Our membership has provided great people to contribute to some of the biggest challenges facing our world today, but they can’t do this without the support of their home community.  Your donation will ensure that our volunteers have the financial support they need to meet these challenges.

All of the funds raised by EWB- Grand River will be supporting the Rural Agriculture Programs in Ghana, where Engineers Without Borders is working in partnership with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to build the business capabilities of small scale rural farmers and increase innovation, production, and profits in the long-term. You can read more about the work that we are supporting by visiting our African Programs Page.

Thank you in advance for your generous contributions.


The Grand River Leadership Team, on behalf of our African Volunteers and Partners

14 Apr


EWB-GR 2010 Professional Junior Fellow Now Selected

April 14, 2010 | By |

EWB-Grand River is pleased to announce Mark Soares has been selected as our community’s Professional Junior Fellow (JF) for 2010.  Mark is our second JF, following in the footsteps of Liz Logan, who was working in Africa in the Autumn of 2009. The JF Program involves a 16 month commitment where Mark will spend four months in preparatory learning, four months working with one of EWB’s African Program Teams in Ghana, Malawi or Zambia, and at least eight months contributing enxperience and leadership upon his return to the Grand River region.

Currently a resident of Guelph, Mark  has been an active member of EWB-Grand River for several years. Most recently he has been focusing on our corporate outreach initiatives and workplace lunch-and-learn presentations.  Mark became interested in volunteering with EWB’s African Programs after attending the EWB Eastern Canada Professional Chapter Retreat in October 2009.  He says he was drawn to EWB’s approach, which focused on local and sustainable ideas along with big-picture project orientations and long term potential. Mark is especially looking forward to working in Africa with our partners to help empower local leaders and create change in their communities.

Over the next few weeks, EWB- Grand River will be continuing to raise funds to support Mark’s work in Sub-Saharan Africa. All  donations to the community through our website at this time will go directly to this cause. In addition, EWB-Grand River will be hosting a series of fundraising events through June 2010. Your participation and support of Mark’s work is greatly appreciated. We hope to see you at an event real soon.

On behalf of the entire EWB-Grand River community: Congratulations Mark! We look forward to contributing to your work, learning and experiencing along side of you during this awesome adventure.

31 Oct


EWB 2010 Wall Calendars On Sale

October 31, 2009 | By |

EWB’s 2010 wall calendar brings the perspective of our overseas work from our colleagues on the ground across Ghana, Malawi, Burkina Faso & Zambia.

The Engineers Without Borders 2010 wall calendar tells the stories of our colleagues on the ground across Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi & Zambia. In a unique piece unlike anything you’ve seen before, the stories are in their own words, and from their own perspective. We hope that you’ll share the calendar with as much pride as we had collecting the stories and producing it. The cost per calendar is $20

If you are interested in purchasing calendars for yourself, your family, friends or colleagues, please contact us. All proceeds support volunteers from EWB-Grand River overseas as they help in our African Programs.