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02 Dec


Fair Trade Waterloo Meeting

December 2, 2011 | By |

Fair Trade Waterloo is in its growing stages and gathering momentum towards a long term goal of getting Waterloo certified as Fair Trade City, promoting awareness and increasing the availability of Fair Trade Certified products in the area. If you are interested in learning more about Fair Trade Waterloo, the next meeting will be held at Whole Lo-a Gelata (Uptown Waterloo) on Wednesday December 7th at 6:00pm.

10 Jun


Call to ACTion

June 10, 2010 | By |

EWB’s advocacy work promotes improvements in aid effectiveness which we, and other experts, believe could seriously contribute to supporting growth in Africa.

In the coming month, EWB is running a large engagement campaign to reach over 60,000 Canadians in the lead up to the G8 summit. We are seeking to promote a more sophisticated message than the traditional “point seven percent”. We are asking Canada to ACT on aid effectiveness – making our aid more: Accountable, Creative, and Transparent.

Over the past two weeks, EWB members have been meeting with MPs, interacting with policy makers, and sharing information with the general public. Hear more about EWB’s Day of Action on Parliament Hill, by watching this week’s EWBBC episode.

One of our goals is to gather 20, 000 signatures from Canadians coast to coast showing wide spread support and political will to make these changes a reality and we would like your help!

Anyone can participate.  The attached signature campaign kit and petition provide  everything necessary to take ACTion in the Grand River Community and help us reach the 20,000 signature goal.

How much time is required to participate?

This is totally up to you, from 3 minuntes to 300, it depends on how many signatures you hope to collect in the next two weeks.  We suggest that you take a few minutes to review the attached campaign kit and become familiar with the issues and the rest is up to you.  Sign the petition yourself, or engage 30 of your closest friends and ask them to sign it as well!

How many signatures should I collect?

Once again, this is up to you.  We encourage you to set your own personal goal based on your own time and other considerations.

From whom should I collect signatures?

The possibilities are endless.  Some suggestions include: friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, and church members.  Although web based tools may be useful in spreading the message, we’ve found through past experience, that signature collection is most successfully done through in person contact.  So print out a sheet and carry it with you.

What is the deadline for submitting signatures?

Hard copies of the signature sheets are due to EWB-Grand River by midnight on Wednesday June 23.  We will be forwarding them on to join thousands of others from across the country before the start of the G8/G20 meetings.

You can submit your signature sheets at the Al Lukas: Live for Africa Concert on June 23, 2010 at the Rude Native in Uptown Waterloo.  If you are unable to attend the concert on June 23, please contact us at to make alternate arrangements.

Hard copies of all Signature Sheets must be submitted to EWB-Grand River by June 23, 2010.

Is there an online petition?

There’s no online petition at the moment. In the past, EWB has had more success with gathering offline signatures. Offline signatures also add more power behind our campaign for decision makers.


How do I learn more about ACT?

In the attached campaign kit, you will find background supporting material that breaks ACT down into a few key areas, outlining:
1) What the ACT campaign is;
2) Why these ideas matter;
3) An analysis of each of the main issues; and
4) Short descriptions and summaries of each of the main points. 

Additional information is also available on the ACT Website.