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Our Work

Activities of EWB-Grand River fall into three main areas of focus: Workplace Outreach, Community Outreach – including both EWB members and the general public – and Africa.

Workplace Outreach

Engineering and technology companies know that technology can drive extraordinary change—they do it in their communities everyday. We are asking the Canadian engineering profession to help drive positive change around the world by partnering with EWB to engage their employees in pro-development action, support international development and become role models in the way they do business.

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Community Outreach

Community engagement is about bringing together like minded individuals and organizations to create a network that supports and drives for change. Through social/educational events, networking opportunities and inter-organizational support, we are creating an active community of global citizens striving to continuously increase our understanding of the complex world of international development and the contributions that Canadians can make towards human development.

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EWB-Canada works with partner organizations in Ghana, Zambia, Malawi and Burkina Faso in capacity building activities relating to sectors such as agriculture, rural infrastructure and water and sanitation.  Volunteers from EWB-Grand River help deliver innovative and locally driven project management and training solutions by working alongside African partners in government, non-profit organizations and the private sector.

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