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Elizabeth Logan

Role: Professional Junior Fellowship

Date: August – December 2009

Sector Team: Rural Agriculture – Ghana

The inspirations for Junior Fellows to volunteer overseas are as varied as the Fellows themselves. Elizabeth Logan, the Grand River Junior Fellow for 2009, found hers while travelling to the Muqqattam Hills near Cairo, Egypt as she passed through and area known as ‘Garbage City’. “As I watched the people, I saw in them a type of humility and love I hadn’t before seen. While I didn’t have a solution to their challenges, I knew I wanted to impact the world”. Through this experience, Elizabeth realized the irreplaceable value of on-site problem solving and how it can facilitate more direct and measurable positive change.

After obtaining her undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary and graduate degree in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toronto, Elizabeth entered the world of private consulting where she has been working with Accenture for 2+ years as a Consulting Analyst specializing in IT and Management Consulting.

Although Elizabeth was familiar with Engineers Without Borders throughout her educational career, it wasn’t until she began her time at Accenture that she became more involved. One of Accenture’s prominent campaigns encourages and facilitates employees’ donations of Aeroplan miles to EWB, which EWB uses to send overseas volunteers and staff around the world. Elizabeth’s involvement with this campaign and creation of publicity material using the stories of past EWB overseas volunteers got her hooked. “I came to respect and appreciate, not only the work and development approaches, but also the spirit of the members. I have always wanted to participate in development work, I just didn’t know in what capacity or when in my life”.

Elizabeth’s work and educational experiences have equipped her thoroughly for her time abroad. She has developed significant expertise developing and delivering technology training, designing and executing communications programs and implementing detailed business readiness or change management programs and is excitedly looking forward to her chance to make that direct, measurable and positive impact she desired. “I am grateful to have the opportunity to go overseas this year. Knowing how I operate, I know this experience will be the foundation for a long relationship with development work and particularly EWB”.

Elizabeth spent her four months abroad in Ghana partnering with their Ministry of Food & Agriculture (MoFA) in efforts to advance the’Farmer Innovation Challenge’ program, which helps promote leadership and entrepreneurial thinking within the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.