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Make A Difference

Every day we face decisions that have an impact on people living around the world.  This page offers some tips and useful information on how you can take action and contribute to ending global poverty with choices in your everyday life.

Fair Trade

  • Buy fair trade products
  • Host a fair trade potluck for friends and family
  • Learn more about fair trade process, certification and regulation
  • Encourage and support stores providing fair trade options
  • Host a fair trade talk at your workplace


  • Learn about current events and issues in development, through news, magazines, websites, films and books
  • Attend events, workshops, lectures, and conferences related to international development
  • Invite EWB to your workplace to facilitate a Lunch and Learn presentation
  • Encourage friends and family and co-workers to learn more about international development
  • Host a development dinner

Socially Responsible Investing and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Learn more about and participate in socially responsible investing
  • Choose a bank that supports responsible and sustainable practices
  • Consider corporate social responsibility aspects of your company/workplace
  • Ask your employer or financial advisor about ethical RRSP options

 Political Awareness and Activism

  • Take foreign policy and international aid considerations into account when selecting a candidate to support in the next election
  • Join/sign-on to pro-development movements and petitions such as Stand Against PovertyAVAAZ.orgMake Poverty History
  • Ask your MP about their international development priorities
  • Write letters to newspapers about development current events

 Financial Support