Monthly Archives: June 2013

An Intro, A First Post, A Vision.

A venture of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), the Business Development Services (BDS) Team works with small businesses across Africa- connecting them to capital, and unleashing their potential for business success and social change. 

This isn’t charity. This isn’t about saving anyone. This is about unlocking money that is ready to be invested, and getting it to the entrepreneurs who need it. It’s about connecting the system, and letting Zambians, Ghanaians, Liberians, Kenyans… create their own future, on their own terms.

This is about thinking about business in a different way. It’s realizing that business can be a tool for social change. Big business isn’t inherently bad, and slapping the word “social enterprise” on a start-up doesn’t make it morally better than anything else. This is about realizing that all businesses have the potential for positive social impact, and by working within the system, we can bring that vision to reality.

This is where we fit into the mix. We connect the capital to the entrepreneur. We work with the small businesses to get them investment ready, to reduce their risk of failure. We work with big business to unleash their resources for social benefit. We talk about how business can provide more benefit to it’s community than income alone. And then, after we’re done talking about it… we go out and do it.