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15 Nov


Advocacy Workshop Series

November 15, 2010 | By |

How can you influence our government to develop more effective foreign aid policies?
Does Canada actually live up to its international aid commitments?

Find out what you can do to advocate for more effective aid!

EWB Ottawa will be hosting a three-part series on how to create change within our government and make our foreign development aid more effective. No matter who you work for, this is useful information about how our government works, and the topics covered will apply to whichever cause fires you up. We’ll be focusing on aid effectiveness, but the material covered and the principles you will learn can be applied much more broadly. Here’s your chance to attend a modified version of the $1350 workshop civil government workers are exposed to at a dirt cheap price (as low as $5!).
You may attend one, two, or all three workshops, and pricing is set accordingly. Please visit the website for more details on registration costs.

Workshop 1: Is Canada’s aid effective?

Thursday, November 11 (6-9pm)

University of Ottawa: University Centre 207 (85 University Private, Room 207)

This workshop will explore where Canada stands on foreign aid, the various international commitments related to aid and how we can foster better aid effectiveness on the ground. The accountability, creativity, and transparency of Canada’s foreign aid will also be investigated.


Workshop 2: How Government Works

Saturday, November 20 and Sunday, November 21  (10-4pm)

Location T.B.D.

The highlight of the series is a  two-day workshop on how the Canadian government works. This is a modified version of the workshop for new public servants (with an original cost of $1,350) and will show how individuals and groups can create change within the Canadian government. Heavy emphasis will be placed on how the government is structured and the access points through which change within the government can be created. The workshop will explore the roles and actions of government entities, including the Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council Office, and the dynamics between a minister’s office and their associated department. Special emphasis will be placed on the role of the central agencies, Cabinet, Parliament, and the courts. The major processes explained include yearly planning and estimates , the passage of a bill through Parliament, and the approval of Memoranda to Cabinet (MCs) and Treasury Board Submissions (TB Subs). This is one workshop you do not want to miss!!

This course does not offer the official text-book version of the system; it provides insights into the real workings of government in a lively and entertaining manner, using an array of photos, videos, and discussions. In particular, this version of the workshop will provide considerable time for answering your specific questions.

***Please note that a lunch break will be provided, but participants will be responsible for their own lunch. It is recommended that a lunch is brought. Refreshments and snacks will be offered throughout the day.


Workshop 3: Shop Day – Creating the Action Plan

Thursday November 25 (6-9pm) or Saturday November 27 (2-5pm)

Locations T.B.D.

This workshop will enable participants to apply the material learned from previous workshops to created an action plan for Advocacy in Ottawa. We recommend that you have previously attended the “How Government Works” workshop. Please note there is a choice in dates — please attend the day that works best for you.

For more info and to register visit