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27 Oct


News From Mark In Ghana

October 27, 2010 | By |

Update From The Field

Grand River Chapter member Mark Soares has joined the team of the District Agricultural Development Unit (DADU) in Saboba. He has been working with fellow Grand River volunteers Ben Best and Erin Antcliffe on tackling some of the management challenges found in the Ministry of Food and Agriculture that are affecting the implementation of the Agriculture As A Business Program. 

Some of Mark’s other day to day responsibilities include:

– working with staff at the office, helping them with office tasks;

– working on the EWB “ Agriculture as a Business”  program coordination and curriculum delivery;

– doing field visits with an Agricultural Extension Agent and delivering one of 10 workshops associated with the agriculture as a business program, to a farmer group in a rural village.

Learn more about Mark’s work with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and his exciting adventures in Saboba by following his blog!