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28 Jul


This Week on the Farm – Video Blog

July 28, 2010 | By |

Video Updates From The Field (Literally) In Ghana

From EWB Grand River Chapter member Ben, posted July 18th ~

After a long hiatus I’m excited to announce a series of videos about life on the farm in Seripe. I’ll be filming a few short clips each week and uploading them to youtube (yes it’s possible, it just takes about a day).

You’ll have to bear with me – the first episode was completely impromptu and my video editing skills are poor, but I hope you enjoy it!  Check it out on Youtube.

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions of things to film for an episode, I’m taking requests!  This episode doesn’t do a very good job of introducing Dery, the farmer I’m staying with, so I’ll work on a quick intro piece so you get to know him and a bit about where he’s at.

I also took off to Tamale for a week of team meetings and left the camera with Dery, so expect an episode about ploughing as soon as I can get the editing done.

Thanks for reading/watching!