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31 May


Support Grand River EWBers making a difference!

May 31, 2010 | By |

In West and Southern Africa, Engineers Without Borders is improving access to clean water and critical infrastructure, increasing farmers’ yields, and supporting business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. We invite you to participate in this exciting change, by connecting with and supporting the work of EWB Grand River volunteers in Africa.

More Grand River Members in Africa

As of Fall 2010, EWB-Grand River will have a record-breaking five members working as part of EWB-Canada’s African Programs teams in Sub-Saharan Africa. Don McMurtry and Mark Soares will be participating in the Professional Junior Fellowship Program, using a four month volunteer commitment to actively contribute their unique skill sets to our partner organizations in Africa, as well as  the Grand River Community and Work Places upon their return in December 2010.  Erin Antcliffe, Ben Best and Alyssa Lindsay will all be working as African Program Staff, having made long term (one or more year) commitments to their African volunteer positions.

More Opportunities to Connect and Contribute

EWB-Grand River’s increased volunteer support provides unique opportunities to connect with rural development efforts and better understand the challenges being faced by those living in poverty, for our membership and the Grand River community at large.   It also means that your support is needed more than ever before as our volunteers develop and carry out these exciting programs.

In addition to ongoing support of our African Partner Program, EWB-Grand River has set a fundraising goal of $3000 by August 2010 to meet our Professional Junior Fellowship fundraising targets.

We ask that you consider making an investment in the work of your Grand River colleagues, and  donate to support their work in building African capacity.  All contributions are welcome whether it’s $20, $50, or $500.

You can donate conveniently and securely through our Donation Page.

More Impact and Positive Change

Our membership has provided great people to contribute to some of the biggest challenges facing our world today, but they can’t do this without the support of their home community.  Your donation will ensure that our volunteers have the financial support they need to meet these challenges.

All of the funds raised by EWB- Grand River will be supporting the Rural Agriculture Programs in Ghana, where Engineers Without Borders is working in partnership with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to build the business capabilities of small scale rural farmers and increase innovation, production, and profits in the long-term. You can read more about the work that we are supporting by visiting our African Programs Page.

Thank you in advance for your generous contributions.


The Grand River Leadership Team, on behalf of our African Volunteers and Partners